Hi, FitFam!

CrossFit during any day of the week is challenging, but during the last three weeks of the CrossFit Open I’ve been challenged as an athlete in a new way. I have walked up walls, done burpees until I wanted to die, and threw my heart into (and failed) at an actual pull up.

I have loved every single. stinking. moment. of this madness.

There is nothing I know of that compares to the comradery of Friday Night Lights. We are all doing the same WOD, with the same goal (ie. Don’t die), on the same day as millions of other people across this planet during the craziest of crazy times. There is something in shared suffering, in cheering on a fellow athlete struggling through something you’ve already completed, in seeing someone complete a movement they could not previously do (hello, bar muscle ups, anyone??).

Everyone who threw their hat into the CrossFit Open ring for 2022 deserves a round of applause. Whether you graced a podium or not, my God… you all gave your everything and that alone deserves recognition.

Hats off to every athlete that gave their heart and soul to these last three workouts.

I. See. You.

Keep moving, my friends,



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