A CrossFitter’s Christmas Wish List

If you have a person on your gift giving list that is into CrossFit, they probably spend a lot of time at their gym. CrossFit gyms offer the basics with regards to equipment, but sometimes the accessories can make all the difference.

If you are looking for a thoughtful and supportive way to feed your CrossFitter’s passion, consider gifting them with some really great CrossFit gear. It isn’t necessary to buy an entire squat rack or barbell to support your loved one. There a plenty of affordable options for gift ideas that feed their need to work out.

Ready to shop? Here are 10 CrossFit gift ideas to help you get started!

  1. Custom Jump Rope

Did you know a jump rope isn’t just a jump rope? There are different types of ropes at different lengths that all meet different needs. If you know how tall you’re the CrossFit enthusiast in your life is, you can order them a custom jump rope that will make their WODs exceptional.

2. Protein Powder or Recovery Drinks

Protein powder and recovery drinks are a staple for a lot of CrossFitters, but they can be expensive to buy on a regular basis. A brand new bottle of your CrossFitter’s waiting under the Christmas tree is a great surprise!

3. Wrist wraps

Wrist wraps support to the wrist joint when an athlete is doing a heavy or a max effort lift in pressing movements or overhead lifts. Wrist wraps are a nice stocking stuffer and can help prevent injury.

4. Hand Grips

CrossFit is hard on the hands and a little bit of protection goes a long way. Hand grips can keep calluses from ripping or painful blisters from forming.

5. Hand salve for calluses

If your athlete does do some damage to their hands, they’ll want to take care of the injury. This is where some hand salve can save the day. Put it in their stocking and they won’t be disappointed.

6. Weighted vest

A weighted vest is a great way to increase the difficulty level of any run without impeding the runner’s legs. These are affordable and will get years of use.

7. Gallon sized water bottle

CrossFit can be intense, and we need to drink a lot of water. Gallon drinking jugs are super useful to keep track of how much water we’ve consumed and they make a great gift.

8. Training shoes

CrossFit shoes can get pricey, but if your athlete is in the market for some new shoes Christmas is a great time to slap a bow on a new set of trainers and stick it under the tree!

9. Deadlift shin guards

Proper deadlift form can be really hard on the shins. Consider getting your athlete a pair of deadlift shin guards. They’ll thank you the next time their shins make it through a deadlift workout without scraping off their skin.

10. A massage gun

CrossFit creates some seriously sore muscles. Consider getting the athlete in your life a massage gun to work out those trouble spots. They’ll thank you for it later!

Happy shopping!



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