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our founder

Brad White

Brad’s passion for sports and fitness began at a young age. In school, he enjoyed sports such as lacrosse, wrestling, and cross country running. After graduating from high school, the Floridian decided to make a career of sports and attended Jacksonville University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology three years later.

During his first year at the university, CrossFit became his focus. By the time he graduated, he had successfully passed the Certified CrossFit Coach (CCFC) evaluation and had worked his way up to a Certified CrossFit Level 4 Coach.

As an organic next step, Brad founded Bolt CrossFit in League City, TX, and has been at the helm of the company ever since. 

It was only a matter of time before he took an interest in CrossFit. After passing the CCFC evaluation, he moved on to become CPR certified and became a CrossFit Level 4 Coach. Paul is currently a full-time coach at Bolt CrossFit and loves working with results-oriented clients.


our coaches

Eximo Fitness Coach

coach erica


I was introduced to crossfit in 2015 by the owner of the company I was working for. We did home based care for the sick and elderly so I got a glimpse into what life was like at different stages and how life/health choices affected it.

As much as I loved taking care of my clients I knew I needed to do something in my life or I would end up needing someone to help me too. I was never very active or sporty growing up and was only going to the rec center every now and then but I had no idea what I was doing. That’s when my friend invited me to watch her compete in an all women’s competition to raise awareness for breast and ovarian cancer. I was in awe of all the amazing women. They were so strong and even though it was a competition they were all cheering each other on. I was blown away by what I was seeing and I wanted to be a part of it!
My husband had gone with me and was just as amazed as I was and wanted to try it too. He found a box right up the street from our house and signed us up for a free trial class. I don’t remember what the WOD was but I do remember doing 4 rounds and almost passing out. I sat on the curb in the back of the gym trying not to puke and once I got myself together I signed up for the first on ramp class they had! I was hooked!

After about a year I had gone to every extra clinic, every endurance class, every weight lifting class and had started focusing on my nutrition when the gym owner asked me if I was interested in coaching… ummm, heck yeah!!! Even though I was working 40+ hours a week at my other job I knew I wanted to do this. I got my L1 in January of 2017 and can’t learn enough about fitness and everything that goes along with it. I am also a certified nutrition coach and after 5 years I am more passionate about health and fitness as I was on day one.

Eximo Fitness Coach

coach tony


I’ve always had a joy for personal fitness but it wasn’t until later that I discovered the joy of helping others. It’s exciting to watch people in our community reach their goals and many times go beyond what they thought they could do.

 The satisfaction of personal fitness not only helps the body but also stimulates the mind to strive for better results. My journey began in mid 2018 and I wanted to challenge myself to learn more about the fitness programming that we all seem to love. This led me to the L1 certification and I’m so glad I attended and can now pass along the same knowledge to our athletes.

By trade, I’m a Manager in the wine and spirits industry here in Houston and truly love what I do. During my free time, I enjoy days at the beach with the dogs, kiteboarding when the wind blows and watching my daughter compete at the collegiate level at Utah State.

Even though I don’t participate in many competitions theses days, I enjoy preparing our athletes for what to come.

Eximo Fitness Coach

coach jenn w


I am from Tecumseh, MI but now live in League City, TX. I spent 8 years on Active Duty in the US Navy as an Aviation Ordnanceman. I first started at Eximo and quickly became obsessed with functional

After about 6 months, I decided to get certified as a coach and in December 2019, I made that happen by obtaining my L1. Shortly after that I completed my Precision Nutrition Certification so that I could begin coaching the proper nutrition techniques for our members.

I am also coaching the kids class at Eximo. In my free time you can find me loving down my two English Bulldogs, Jorah and Tia as well as spending time with my husband and 4 children.

Eximo Fitness Coach

coach jenn k


I walked through the doors of Eximo coming straight from my doctors office where I had just been told I was pre-diabetic, had high cholesterol and borderline high blood pressure. I was celebrating my 40th birthday and had two young children.

I needed to make a change! Little did I know that the quick just check it out stop would send me on the path I am on. I now set an example for my kids to be active and never give up. I have had setbacks and challenges, life happens. I want to help out athletes overcome their challenges and continue to have their health remain a primary focus. I love seeing the looks on the faces of everyone after a really hard workout and the camaraderie it creates. The new person in class feeling welcome and accomplished because this is the first time in years, maybe even decades, they have challenged themselves. The tiny tweaks to a long time athletes lift that breaks their plateau. These are all the great reasons I decided to become a coach. I hope to see you in one of my classes or on the whiteboard with your results soon!! Don’t be afraid, everyone one of us had our first day and we will help and support you through yours!

Eximo Fitness Coach

Coach David


I came to Eximo looking for an exciting way to exercise that would push me physically and be varied enough to keep me coming back for more. What I found was that and much more. I found a fitness family here. We are welcoming and encouraging and push each other to be the best versions of ourselves.

I have a passion for teaching and I felt drawn to coaching. The movements and exercises we do are constantly varied and always challenging. Something I’ve learned at Eximo as well as in my past is that strength comes from proper form. Proper form also prevents injury. I enjoy learning about form for our various movements as well as safe ways to modify workouts for athletes with different body types and/or mobility limitations, etc. I’m new to coaching, but already am feeling the fulfillment from helping my “Fit Fam” train better and safer and help push them to be the fittest versions of themselves!

Eximo Fitness Coach

coach lexie

CFL1, Texas State Board Educator Certification – Health
Texas State Board Educator Certification – Physical Education

Confession, I didn’t watch the CrossFit Games this year, nor do I own a pair of lifters. (Face Palm) I know, but the truth must be told! I fell in love with the sport of fitness at a young age. I played sports all through high school and participated in multiple recreational sports while in college.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Health from Texas A&M and dabbled in other disciplines including psychology and nutrition. While my focus was on health, I found it fascinating how the other two disciplines were intimately tied to an individual’s overall health.

CrossFit has provided me an avenue to share my passion and love for health and fitness with everyone. I enjoy helping athletes learn the sport, grow their knowledge and confidence, and relentlessly pursue their fitness goals. My coaching philosophy is simple: Teach virtuosity. My primary goal is even simpler: make every minute count, both inside and outside of the gym. Teaching athletes proper and safe lifting form and technique is at the forefront of my responsibility as a coach. My hope is that athletes find a love for fitness and pass on that passion to the next person.

Eximo Fitness Coach

coach cody


I started my fitness journey in late 2013, at 17 years old. I had always been active before and participated in sports, but had never done any sort of gym routine. I fell in love with the process of working hard and seeing results from it.

Not only did this change me physically, but mentally as well. The idea that you get in return what you put into something was instilled to me by the methodology of this training and has carried over into other aspects of my life. I also found a passion for creating the workout programs along my journey down this fitness path. The idea of creating something that can help make someone healthier and give them more fitness do accomplish things they want to in life is awesome, whether it be something as arbitrary as being able to pick a box up off the ground without fear of hurting your back, or as important as being able to play with your kids and keep up with them in activities.

Coach Peter

coach peter

I’m a Registered 200 hr Yoga Teacher. I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and been teaching yoga for 16+ years. Yoga has helped me to remain flexible and have a greater range of motion.

Since I’m also a member of Eximo, I’m very familiar with the workouts that are done during the week, so I can tailor the yoga classes to hit the muscle groups that have been focused on during the week to help flush the muscles and expand your range of motion. The classes focus on breathing techniques and stretches/poses that will benefit the athlete. I like to keep the classes casual and have fun while stretching with intent and purpose, in combination with strength and maintaining good alignment while doing the poses. My class will offer an alternative but complementary option to weekly strength training and workouts.

Coach Lindsay

coach lindsay

I have over 2 decades of experience as a fitness instructor. I completed my BS in Exercise Physiology from Slippery Rock University as well as my doctorate in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University.

I am board-certified sports and orthopedic physical therapist, as well as a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic and Manual Physical Therapy and I, specialize in pelvic floor PT as well. I have a background in dance as well as Figure/Fitness competitions and am always open to a new fitness challenge. Currently, I own and operate HER Therapy which focuses on the unique stages of women’s lives offering physical support for musculoskeletal conditions. I am the proud mom of three young active children, and I enjoy running and playing with them every chance I get!