Appropriate at CrossFit, Inappropriate Everywhere Else

CrossFit has its own weird culture and habits. Sometimes it’s a challenge to remember that not everyone speaks your language. To keep you centered, here are some things that are appropriate at CrossFit that are inappropriate everywhere else.

One: Weird status checks.

Aches and soreness are pretty normal after an intense WOD, but you might be surprised when your coach texts to check up on you the next day: “How does your butt feel today?”

Only appropriate in CrossFit.

Two: Chalk handprints everywhere

At the gym chalk hand prints everywhere mean you needed a good grip during the WOD. When, however, you’re walking down aisle six of your local Kroger, you might draw some stares.

Three: Telling people how you just peed a little

After two kids, sometimes the jump rope just … gets to me. After 300 singles, I’m definitely dashing for the bathroom. This is so common that a good coach will do the toddler-bathroom-check before the WOD starts.

“We’re going in 2 minutes. Get your chalk. Is your AMRAP line ready? Go pee.”

Four: Certain movements and WODs just inspire the 12-year old boy jokes out of all of us.

“What time does your box open?”

“Your snatch is lookin’ good.”

“How long did it take you to do Annie?”

“Not as long as Ellen, but I finished Diane in less than 6 minutes.”  

‘Nuff said.

Five: Referring to CrossFit as ‘Fun.’

I made this mistake recently when talking about the upcoming Ironclad competition at Eximo (October 22nd… Just 6 more days… eek!!). I referred to the comp as ‘fun.’ My coach reminded me that no one outside of CrossFit thinks of three WODs in one day as ‘fun.’

“You have to translate,” he said. “You have to say, ‘I’m testing myself.’”

I frowned, puzzled. “But… that is fun.”

“Not to normal people it isn’t.”

Ah. I’m not normal. Got it.

And, if you get this, you’re probably not normal either. *wink*

Happy sweating!


Ps. What other things are normal at CrossFit, but nowhere else? Drop us a comment!


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