Eximo: More Than A Gym

Eximo isn’t your typical gyms (and our members like it that way). There aren’t shiny treadmills lined up next to weight machines. There aren’t giant shower facilities with professional hair care products and bins for your dirty laundry. There are no tricks or gimmicks. Eximo will not: 

  1. Spend $100,000 on equipment every year. 
  2. Provide 24-hour keycard access. 
  3. Provide towels, massage chairs, or a juice bar.

What Eximo IS: Coaching. 

Coaching is more than teaching. It’s more than cheerleading, and it’s certainly more than dictating. I can’t out-yell an unhealthy lifestyle. I provide more than access to equipment and a place to sweat your demons out. I deliver people from their current state to their goals.

Goals are frustrating. They’re hard work and exhausting and elusive. Before that hard work comes motivation — motivation so strong that you would rather be anywhere than where you’re at right now, even if that means taking those first scary and unknown steps down the road to a healthier lifestyle. 

I can’t teach motivation. Believe me, I wish I could. What I can teach you is behavior change. But you have to take the first step and ask for help. 

No goal will ever be motivational enough to pull you past every temptation, every late-night craving, every moment of weakness. None. The knowledge “this is bad for me” won’t overcome “I want this right now” without practice. 

I can help you practice. 

Better yet, I will practice with you. 

People join gyms for a reason. Most have a rough idea of what they ‘should’ do. But then a goal is achieved or is written off as too difficult and they give up. 

At Eximo, my job is to help you want to do this crazy active lifestyle thing for the rest of your life. 

Give us a try. I think you’ll like it. 

Happy sweating, 


Ps. Reach out! Email me at [email protected].


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