Gym Life Hacks

Greetings, FitFam! Meghan, here!

This morning I woke up late to get my son to baseball practice. I am currently typing this from an uncomfortable bleacher seat and operating on less than half a cup of coffee, but I somehow got both a moody 13 year old boy and myself out the door in less than 20 minutes.

That, my friends, is a super power.

So, while I caffeinate and wish I’d remembered a lawn chair so I don’t have to sit on this wretched metal bench, I thought I’d reflect on all the things I didn’t do this morning that help me get to the gym throughout the week.


Routine is so important. I’m an absolute creature of habit. One of my habits is working out in the morning. One of the questions I receive most frequently is “How do you workout so early?” Routine is a huge part of that.

My morning routine is pretty simple. When I wake up, I want coffee. One cup makes me human. Two cups make me a nice human.

(Sorry, Coach DG, you normally see me with just one cup…)

After coffee comes my workout, whatever that might be for the day. Most days of the week I throw my bag in the car and head to Eximo. Sometimes it’s just putting my shoes on and going for a walk. But the routine is the same: Coffee, move, then the rest of the day can happen.


Organization helps with routine. I was only able to stumble out the door so fast this morning because I have a pretty good idea where everything is.***

***Disclaimer: I do not know where everything is all the time – I live with two teenagers and take my wins where I can get them.

Whether that means lay out your workout clothes the night before or (and I am not above this) sleeping in your workout clothes, it helps to know where the essentials are physically located.

Life Hacks

And then you have life hacks. Those little tips and tricks that magically simplify and make possible actions that seemed impossible before (ie. sleeping in gym clothes).

Here are a few life hacks that I’ve found:

  • Set an alarm away from your bed. I set an alarm in the bathroom so I have to physically get up to turn it off. This is separate from the alarm on my cell phone. It’s an old school, non-smart device whose primary purpose is to be loud and annoying. Best $10 I’ve ever spent.
  • Get dressed first thing. I get dressed for the gym as soon as I turn the alarm off. Please note: I do not go to the gym as soon as I get dressed. Coffee still needs to happen. But now I’m dressed and am far more likely to follow through on the gym part of my routine after coffee.
  • Don’t look at the workout. *holds up hands* WAIT. Come back. Hear me out. Do you really need to know what you’re doing when you get there? Or have you ever looked at the workout and thought, “Not today, Satan.” Do yourself a favor: stop looking. You know you’re going to warm up. You know you’re going to do some PVC pass thrus. Is anything else important? I hear some of you screaming right now, “But I have to know what shoes to wear!” Just prepare for the worst and throw your running shoes in the car.
  • Do what you can the night before. Do just one thing that will help your future self. Lay your clothes out. Prep your protein drink the night before and refrigerate it. Put your worst-case-scenario shoes by the front door. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Know your priorities. See above disclaimer. I let go of the need for my gym clothes to match a long time ago. I can either spend my time finding matching socks or I can get to the gym. Know what is more important. (Hint: it isn’t the socks)

Those are a few things that help me consistently get to the gym. How about you? What helps you get out the door?

Happy sweating!



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