How hard should I be pushing myself?

Everyone has heard the phrase, “no pain, no gain.” And while that is partially true (you are absolutely capable of more than you think you are), you have to know how to walk the line between pushing yourself hard enough and when to stop.


It’s incredibly important to learn to pace yourself. This might require a little bit of foresight and strategy. For example, if you’re slogging through a 40 minute WOD and you want to quit half way through, you may need to time breaks so you can keep moving faster in the long run.

Know what is normal for you

Knowing your own body is crucial. You should feel an elevated heart rate, or an ache in your muscles. You should feel a little uncomfortable or tired during a hard WOD. You should sweat. But only you know when you don’t feel right.

Know when to stop

Stop if you feel sharp pains. If you know you have a trick knee, and you feel a stabbing pain in that knee, stop. That sort of pain is NOT normal. If you get dizzy or feel sick for longer than a few minutes, then take a break. If your heart rate is excessively fast or irregular, stop.

The crucial difference is knowing the difference between pain and discomfort. Discomfort will pass. Pain is not at all what you want and you shouldn’t push through pain in search of your limits.

Happy sweating!



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