In House Competition – Athlete’s Perspective

The in house competition yesterday was incredible. Seeing all of the athletes push their limits was truly awe inspiring.

I was a nervous wreck going in. I woke up well before my alarm because I just couldn’t sleep anymore. The day was finally here and the fact that I was about to do this thing was suddenly very real.

I couldn’t even tell you why I was nervous. I know everyone there. I’m comfortable with everyone there. I guess because the competition aspect was something new. And, frankly, the thought of doing three events in a day was intimidating.

Packing a bag and loading a cooler made things feel even more real.

Arriving and seeing the tents set up for the recovery area made the day feel really-for-real real.

The first event. Half way through the first round of rowing I distinctly remember having the thought, “ohmygawd there are two more of these.” I finished the event and retreated to the recovery area. I didn’t even look at my score.

The second event. This one started rough. My legs did not want to move during the warm up. During the running portion my right hamstring threatened to cramp at the 600 meter turn around. I slowed to a walk and opened negotiations.

Leg: “What in the blue @#$! do you think you’re doing?”

Me: “Please, if we can just get back to the gym I will drink so much water.”

I finished the 22-minute event, but was completely gassed.

The third event. This is the one I remember the most clearly. Much of the rest of the day is a blur. The assault bike kills me every time. Going from the bike straight into thrusters turned my legs to Jello.

Things that saved me: water, FitAid, three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and a badass support crew.

Also, seeing everyone else give their all. Without a doubt, there was more healing power in watching the next round of contestants than in any PB&J sandwich. I was awed and inspired by each and every athlete in Eximo yesterday. You are all truly incredible.

A huge shoutout to Erica, Cody, and all of the judges. You guys made this day possible. The transitions between events was seamless and the support during events was top notch. I can’t imagine how much work went into planning and executing this day. I see you. Take a bow. You deserve it.

Today… today I hurt. But today I am also victorious.

Happy sweating, friends,



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