Keeping Your Head in the Game

The holidays are rough on even the most dedicated workout routine. How many times have we come back on January 2nd packing around a few extra pounds (and possibly still a hangover)? That first workout of the year hits you like a freight train and you question every life decision you made between Thanksgiving and New Years.

I know I’m not alone in hoping that things will be different this year. But I’m also a realist. You should cut yourself some slack during this crazy making time, but not too much slack.

Watch what goes in your mouth

This is where most people fall apart. Between the rich food and the alcohol and the fun (or stress!) of family gatherings, it’s easy to let yourself indulge a little too excessively. Try and eat a salad before big meals. Limit libations. Drink your water. Try and remember how that first workout felt last year.

Visit a local box

If you’re traveling, drop into a local CrossFit box and try out one of their workouts. This is a great opportunity to meet other people who share a passion for the same sport. It’ll keep your muscle memory fresh and you will have less time to ‘forget’ how a WOD feels.

Regular gyms are cool, too

A regular gym feels a little strange after spending a lot of time in a CrossFit box, but you can still get in a good workout. Be conscious of the norms of the gym. A lot of regular gyms frown on dropping heavy weights. You might have to break up your workout based on where the equipment you need is located. All that said, visiting a regular gym is a good way to keep moving (and maybe reaffirm why you love CrossFit).

Home WODs

When in doubt, do a home WOD. Plenty of CrossFit WODs work well with just body weight. Annie, Angie, Cindy, and Murph are all good options. Recruit a family member or a friend to workout with you or just to occasionally shout “No rep!” at you for motivation.

The holidays are a special time. We should all relax a little and enjoy ourselves. Just remember, January 2nd is coming.

Happy Holidays!



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