Mastering CrossFit Double Unders: Tips, Techniques, and Progressions

CrossFit double unders are an art. Jumping rope and passing it under your feet twice in one jump is a challenging but highly rewarding exercise. Not only do double unders improve cardiovascular endurance and coordination, but they also enhance agility and explosive power. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of mastering CrossFit double unders, providing you with tips, techniques, and progressions to help you finally master double unders.

1. Start with the Basics:

Before attempting double unders, it’s crucial to master single unders—the foundation for this advanced movement. Begin by selecting an appropriate rope length, ensuring that it allows for proper clearance over your head. A heavier rope is useful here because it provides more tactical feedback. Practice single unders until you feel comfortable and confident in your rhythm and timing.

2. Proper Form and Technique:

To perform double unders efficiently, maintain an upright posture with your chest up and shoulders relaxed. Keep your core engaged, and slightly bend your knees to absorb the impact. Focus on jumping with a minimal jump height (but high enough to get the rope under!), utilizing your wrists more than your entire arms for speed. Gradually increase the speed and intensity as you become more proficient.

3. Timing and Coordination:

Double unders require precise timing and coordination between your jump and rope rotations. Start by performing single unders at a faster pace, gradually incorporating double unders into your workout routine. Concentrate on finding the rhythm and timing that works best for you. Visualize the rope passing under your feet twice with each jump, and sync your movements accordingly.

4. Progressions and Drills:

To build your double under proficiency, try these progressions and drills:

a) Single-Double-Single Drill: Alternate between one single under and one double under, focusing on smooth transitions and maintaining consistent rope speed.

b) Speed Step Drill: Instead of jumping with both feet, alternate between one foot and the other while performing double unders. This drill improves coordination and quick footwork.

c) Double-Under Attempts: Dedicate specific workouts or training sessions solely to double under attempts. Aim for a certain number of successful repetitions, gradually increasing the goal over time.

5. Mental Focus and Patience:

Mastering double unders requires mental focus and patience. Accept that there will be frustrations (and whip marks) along the way, but maintain a positive mindset and persevere. Celebrate small victories, as every step forward is progress towards achieving your goal.

CrossFit double unders are an excellent exercise for developing speed, agility, and cardiovascular endurance. By following the tips, techniques, and progressions outlined in this blog post, you can steadily improve your skill and efficiency in performing double unders. Remember to stay consistent, practice regularly, and embrace the process. With determination and dedication, you’ll soon conquer the challenge and reap the benefits of this fantastic CrossFit movement.

Happy double under training! 


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