Welcome to our fit family! We’re so excited to add you to our crew, and we can’t wait to help you start
setting and working toward your goals. In an effort to help you feel more at home, below is some
helpful information to ensure you’re all set and ready for class. Please don’t ever hesitate if you have
questions regarding any of this information!



App icon has a blue background with a white barbell

We use this app for our WOD and strength tracking.

Create an account, “Find My Box”, search for “Eximo Fitness”, join, and “Go to “Whiteboard”

The Whiteboard will display everything programmed for the day, including Warm-Up, Strength work, and the WOD (Workout Of the Day)

Workouts for the day will be published to your Whiteboard at 8:00 PM the night before

Log your daily scores into the scoreboard. If you modify / scale any part of your workout, you will click the “scaled” option. If you perform the workout exactly as prescribed, you will click the “RX” option.

Zen Planner​ (NOT the STAFF App)

App icon has a white background with a red circle in the middle, and a white “Z” in the center of the circle

You will receive an email from Zen Planner with your login information

This app will store all your information, including payment information. You may login and update this at any time.

You will also use the app to Reserve your class times in advance. Class reservations cannot be canceled within 24 hours of the class.


We don’t have posted “gym rules”, but we do have a few courtesy expectations we ask of our members to ensure safety and a quality experience for all members:

● Kids’ Area

We encourage all members to bring their children with them to the gym, but we ask that they stay in the back in the kids area, or up at the front lobby area and do not venture behind the desk.

We ask that no children cross onto the black mat flooring at any time, for any reason.

If they need to use the restroom, they must be escorted to and from the restroom by the parent or the coach on duty to ensure they are walking a safe path away from weights being dropped or bodies swinging on the rig.

We do not allow children to play on any equipment.

Equipment and Cleaning

Be courteous of the next member using your equipment by wiping away sweat and / or

Return all equipment back to designated places

Never drop an empty barbell

Use the brush and bucket to wipe up “sweat angels” from the floor

● Class Reservations and Check-Ins

Use your Zen Planner app to reserve your desired class times in advance

Check in using the IPad on the desk upon arriving to your class

Be prepared for class to start on time, on the minute

If you arrive late to class, just jump in and catch up – NEVER SKIP WARM UP


● 2 restrooms (men and women)
● 1 shower
● Water tank to refill empty water bottles
● Storage to keep personal items safe while your workout
● Free WiFi access for all members 
● Air conditioning and heating run as needed year round


We try to keep items in stock that will aid our members throughout and after their traininig. These
products are available upon request, and they may be paid for by cash, check, or charging to your
account. If you don’t have cash or check available, we keep a running tab for purchased items and run
those charges on Saturdays. You may pay your tab off before Saturday, or we’ll run the charges on your
card on file.

● Water $2
● Eximo Water Bottle $12
● Fit Aid $3.25 can, $65 case​, useful as pre-and/or post-workout drink
● Protein single serving $3.00​, useful as pre-and/or post-workout drink
● Eximo T-Shirts and Tank Tops $25
● Eximo Logo Stickers $2


This is a small list of additional items you may want to consider purchasing to enhance your
experience at Eximo. These are NOT a requirement for your membership, but rather a recommendation
for your ease and comfort.

● Gloves – help protect your hands as you get used to working on the rig and with the barbell
● Jump Rope – This is easiest when you have a rope customized to your height. We have ropes at
the gym that are available for public use, but many members find it’s much more convenient to
buy their own.
● Water Bottle – You will want to have water for every class. Keeping a bottle in your car or your
gym bag helps ensure you never leave home without it. You can refill your bottle with our water
● Sweat Towel – Some people are more prone to intense sweating when they workout. Having a
small towel available helps keep sweat off your face and hands.


You will learn A LOT of new words and lingo as you begin your fitness journey. Below is a list of
movements and abbreviations you will see along the way. Don’t stress out trying to memorize
all of these right away. We will always have a coach in every class to go over movements and
form standards with demos.


Double Unders / Singles


Back Squat
Front Squat
Overhead Squat (OHS)
Goblet Squat
Strict / Shoulder Press
Push Press
Push Jerk
Split Jerk
Deadlift (DL)
Power / Squat Clean
Power / Squat Snatch
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Kettlebell (KB) Swings
Wall Balls (WB)

Gymnastics / Body Weight

Pull Ups
Toes to Bar (T2B)
Handstand (HS)
Wall Walk
Handstand Push Up
Push Up
Sit Up
Box Jump (BJ)
Muscle Up
Ring Dip