The CrossFit Open – Yes. You. Can.

During a recent WOD someone asked if I had signed up for The Open. I said yes, and pointed to the whiteboard where my name was written.

Them: “No, did you register for The Open?”

Me: “You mean on a national level? No way. I’m not that good.”

They scoffed and said, “Oh, come on” in a “that’s horseshit” kind of way. I laughed, but the moment had staying power and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

Just two and a half years ago, I didn’t think I was good enough to try CrossFit at all. Today I do it 4-5 (sometimes 6) days a week. Two and a half years ago, I didn’t think I could deadlift a bar holding more than 100 lbs. Today I max out at 185 lbs and have my sights set on 200 lbs. Two and a half years ago, it never crossed my mind to throw my hat into the CrossFit ring on a national level. But I was wrong all those other time, so why is this any different?

So you know what I did?

Yep. I registered for the 2022 CrossFit Open.

CrossFit means a lot of different things to people. It means health and fitness. It means strength and endurance. It means community. For me, CrossFit means all of these things, but above all, Crossfit means finding my limits and exceeding them.

I never would have found those limits if I hadn’t taken the first scary step inside Eximo in July 2019. Who knows what the next two and half years will bring? I sure won’t if I don’t take a chance now.

And of course, there’s the expected imposter syndrome kicking in. I’m not anything near an elite athlete. I’m a stubborn, scaled plodder at best. Now I’m combatting thoughts like, ‘Can I really do this?’ And ‘I’m not fit enough for this.’ And, ‘Who do you think you are, anyway?’

But I have history on my side. Just a few years ago, I didn’t think I could do what I’m doing now. So why wouldn’t I be able to do this, too?

The answer: I can definitely do this. And so can you.

It takes no small amount of courage to try something new, especially if it means we won’t be great at it for a long time (if ever). Most of us came to Eximo just looking for a way to feel better. None of us knew where that journey would take us. This year, be courageous: let it take you a little further.

I hope you’ll join me. Register here.

See you at the leaderboard!


Ps. Don’t forget to complete your Judge’s course (here)!


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