The Judges Course – Why You Should Take It

Greetings, FitFam!

With The 2022 Open around the corner you might be wondering the best way you can contribute to your team. Not all of us are Rx athletes, but that shouldn’t stop you from fully participating in the 2022 Open. And the best way to make an impact is to take the Judges Course.

Judges Course found here:

The CrossFit Judges course is an introduction to the skills that a CrossFit Judge would use during any competition and is required to judge other athletes during the games.

The CrossFit Games site says, “Anyone who intends to manage an affiliate, judge an aspiring Games athlete, or review Open video submissions must take and pass the 2022 CrossFit Judges Course.  It’s also required for Age Group Online Qualifier and Games judges.”

There are multiple benefits for taking the Judges Course.

For Coaches, taking the Judges Course:

  • Refines their understanding of the movements
  • Improves their instruction, delivery, and communication.
  • Holds them accountable by applying a standard to each movement.
  • Requires them to stay current with changing industry standards.

For non-Coaching participants, the Judges course reinforces:  

  • The high standards of the CrossFit community.
  • What is expected of them daily.
  • Communication with their coaches.
  • A shared understanding of the right and wrong way to execute each movement.

There are no prerequisites, and the price of the course is only $10.

This course isn’t just about counting reps. The course also instructs on an athlete’s form and technique. And there’s the more intangible benefit of strengthening the bond between coaches and athletes, and in turn, makes Eximo a better place to be. A better educated athlete creates a shared pride in our community.

Any questions? Please reach out: [email protected]

Happy sweating!



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