The Open is Here!

Hey, FitFam!

The Open officially starts on Friday!!! If this is your first open (or your first open with Eximo), I’m sure that you have some questions on how all this works.

When will we know the workouts?

Every Thursday at 2 pm Crossfit will announce the workout for the week. You can watch the announcement online. I will post a link to watch on the private Eximo page as soon as I get it.

When do we have to complete the workout by?

Once the workout is announced you will have until Monday at 7 to complete the workout. We will have that week’s workout programmed for all the Friday classes. If you can’t do the workout on Friday you will have a chance to do it or redo it for a better score on Saturday at 10am. Just make sure you reach out to someone to make sure you have a judge. 

How do you get points for your team?

You have 6 different ways to get points for your team.

  1. Podium – Points will be awarded for the top 3 finishers in the Rx and scaled divisions. 3rd-2 points, 2nd-3 points, and 1st- 4 points.
  2. Participation – 1 point just for doing the workout
  3. Judge – you will get 1 point for every person you judge
  4. Judges Course – You will get 5 points for completing the judge’s course through CrossFit.
  5. Attend Friday Night Lights (FNL) – 1 point. Even if you can’t do the workout during FNL just show up for a little while to cheer everyone on and you will get a point.
  6. Weekly Challenge – 1 point. There will be a weekly challenge to go along with the workout. The challenge will be based off of the workout. It will be announced on Thursday evenings.

What do we win?

The best thing ever: bragging rights! And your team’s picture will go on the shelf with all the past winners! 

Will I be able to do the workouts?

Don’t stress the workouts. They are regular workouts like we do every day. They are designed to push you out of your comfort zone and push you to try something new. If you see pull ups or T2B on the scaled workout that’s ok. This is when a lot of people get their first pull up or go a little heavier in a workout than you would normally go.

The most important thing:

Have fun and enjoy the atmosphere! You just might surprise yourself!

See you out there!



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