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There is still time to get in on the Kick Start Challenge! The kick start challenge is a great way to get started on your goals for 2023. This is a 30 day challenge that starts on January 9th and goes through February 8th. During the kick start you will receive accountability, support and  resources to help you achieve your goals. You will get a one on one consult before we start to come up with a good plan for the next 30 days, before and after InBody scans, recipes, tricks for meal prep, and weekly challenges.

You can register through the app under memberships. Or if you are not a member at Eximo you can email Erica at [email protected].

Come see what you are made of! The scale doesn’t always tell the whole story. Come on Saturday January 7, 8:30-9 am for half price scans. 

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back on track. Doing a scan now and again in a few months is a great way to track you progress. If you need some help figuring our what you want and what you need to get there you can schedule a goal review session with one of the coaches. 

The 2023 Open starts in 44 days! The CrossFit Open is open to anyone, and it is a way for people to test their fitness and see how they compare to other is in their region and around the world. You can register through for $20.

The Open is a 3 week competition. Workouts are released on Thursday and you have until Monday afternoon to complete the workout. Whether you are registered or not we will have the Open WOD’s programmed every Friday so you might as well register and come for Friday Night Lights!

If you haven’t been here for Friday Night Lights you are in for a treat! It’s like a big fitness party! 

More information about the open will be released soon. 

Speaking of the Open. You still have a few weeks to get with a coach for a skill session. We all have skills we need to work on and now you can schedule 30 min with a coach to work on your weaknesses or what we like to call goals, and we all love to cross those goals off the board when we achieve them!

Maybe you want to be more efficient with your pull ups or toes 2 bar. Or you are tired of whipping yourself with your rope doing double unders. Get with a coach to work on it!

During January and February we will be evaluating the attendance for each of the classes. Come March, if there are less than three people signed up on a regular basis we will consider canceling that class after the evaluation.

Note: We don’t want to cancel any of the class times! So be sure to tell your friends and family about Eximo so we can keep all our classes!

And, also, remember to sign up for class! Here’s what happens when you don’t sign up:

You look at the attendance for a class and see it’s zero (except for you) so you don’t sign up because working out alone is no fun.

Someone else looks at the attendance for the same class and sees that it’s zero, so they don’t sign up. For the same reason you didn’t!

But you both want to go to class! Total missed opportunity!

Take a chance. If you sign up someone else will sign up because they saw they wouldn’t be alone. And it helps keep classes on the schedule!


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