MAY 2021


Congratulations to Dr. Richie E. for being our May Athlete of the Month!

What is your occupation?

We’ll my dream jobs include architect and international spy.  However, my day job is considerably less glamorous.  I’m a surgeon at MD Anderson specializing in Breast cancer and melanoma.  I’m also the VP and Medical Director for our four campuses outside of the Texas Medical Center.

When did you join Eximo?

December 2015!  I can’t believe it’s been that long.  I was almost an original member but couldn’t get my stuff together to take the on-ramp class with Kim until December of that first year.

Why did you decide to try Eximo?

I’d seen a little bit of CrossFit through my church of all places.  The format and exercises appealed to me.  I was in my 40s and trying to decide if I was going to get/stay in shape or just let myself go and age like many others.  I toyed with idea of joining a box for awhile but kept making excuses.  Finally, Eximo opened and I realized that there could never be a gym closer to my home so I was out of excuses.  I decided it was either join or give up on the dream of “one day” joining a gym and getting in shape.  

What changes have you seen since joining Eximo?

I sleep better for one.  I have to admit when I first joined, I wanted to be a totally ripped athlete within a year and impress my wife with my physique.  While she is impressed, I haven’t seen that kind of body change (obviously) but I’ve learned that feeling good is way more important.  I definitely feel stronger and I know my body better than ever.  I know what I’m capable of and am so much stronger physically and mentally than I was before I joined.  It has also helped my stress level and I’m a happier person now than pre-Eximo.

What other types of sports or activities do you like to do outside of the gym? Past and/or present.

I’ve always been a runner.  Mainly recreational not competitive.  I’ll do the occasional 5K or 10K but am not a marathoner or anything like that.  I just like to run.  I have dabbled a little with triathlons (minis not ironman’s).  I also love beach volleyball used to play a lot when younger.  The sport I really want to do is adventure racing (Eco-challenge) and hoping I can get a team of us from Eximo to start!

What is your favorite movement?

Running probably.  I’d also say I like HSPU.  There’s just a cool factor to doing those in your 50s.  I know you didn’t ask but I’d also add that my FAVORITE workout (not just movement) of the entire year is 12 days of Christmas.  Don’t know why, it just feels very fun and festive.  Always enjoyed doing it and really missed it this last year being out for injury.

What is your least favorite movement?

It’s kind of tie between two that are essentially the same movement:  Thrusters and Wall Balls.  Hate ‘em both.

What has been your most memorable experience at Eximo?

I’ve had a lot of them usually the bigger group workouts like the Open or Murph.  Probably would say this last Open 21.1.  It felt so good to be back with everyone (albeit scaled) and to do a tough shoulder workout felt like a huge personal victory and was even more special to do it with all my friends there cheering my on.  I really appreciated the encouragement.  I was focused on getting back from injury to do the Open this year so it was very memorable.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Chips, Queso, and Guacomole followed by cheese enchiladas and at least two Margaritas (rocks).

Who or what inspires you?

Wow.  Lots of things and people.  Mainly it boils down to overcoming adversity.  I see people at Eximo who overcome demanding lives and schedules as well as injuries but still show up to get better.  I also take care of patients who overcome tremendous adversity to fight through and survive.  I would add that my family inspires me to strive to be the best version of myself.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

My first job after graduating from Rice (with a degree in English) was working at a Bowling alley.

What is one goal you would like to accomplish through Eximo?

Handstand walks for sure.  I want to do these so bad.  I was starting to work on them just before I got injured.  I need to wait a little while longer in my shoulder recovery before getting back to working on them, but I’m absolutely going to get there.



  • New series begins Sunday, May 2
  • NEW TIME! Now starting at 4:00 PM
  • No class on Sunday, May 9, in observance of Mother’s Day
  • Led by our in-house yoga guru, Peter E.
  • Click the link to register and reserve your spot!


Shoulder injuries are easily one of the most common we see in the gym. The muscle structure that creates our shoulder is complex, and the “smaller” muscles require specific and adequate training to maintain optimal health. If you fail to train your entire shoulder but continue to add load and volume, it is only a matter of time before it painfully alerts you that it has had enough. Once injured, it could take weeks or even months to rehab back to optimal health, which forces you to scale back on workouts involving the shoulder, stopping your progress in its tracks. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Come give our shoulder camp a try. You’ll not only learn to strengthen your entire shoulder throughout these 8 weeks, but you’ll discover many exercises you can easily incorporate into your daily warm up, long after camp is over. The better we take care of our bodies, the better our bodies will take care of us!

  • Begins May 13
  • Thursdays at 6:45 PM
  • $89 for 8 weeks
  • Led by Coach David G.
  • Click the link for easy registration and to reserve your spot!


We are always thrilled to announce a new face on the other side of the workout floor at Eximo, especially when it’s someone we all love and know so well. Paul came to Eximo as a beginner. He was green and ready for a change, no matter what it took. He put in the work and has come so far, but the best result is the life long commitment he made to himself to never stop putting his health first. His energy is contagious, and we know no matter what mood you show up in, you will leave with a smile after Paul’s class. We could not imagine a better fit to join our already amazing coaching staff!

Please read below to learn a bit more about Coach Paul.

Paul West – CF-L1, Crossfit Scaling Cert, Crossfit Spot the Flaw Cert

I began my Crossfit journey in January of 2018. I had a Dr’s appointment that month and was the heaviest I had ever been in my life, then the Dr started talking about cholesterol medication. I was only 37 years old.
I tried the globo gyms and fitness centers but I needed community, I needed someone pushing me. I needed like minded individuals that had the same motivation. I could not motivate myself.
I walked into Eximo and threw my hands up and I said “I give up, help me”. After previously spending 13 years in the military, my physical fitness had taken a turn for the worse, quickly. I put all my faith in the Eximo coaching staff, all I had to do was show up.
After one day of on-ramp I was hooked. It was that easy. The welcoming atmosphere of Eximo and within the Crossfit community is unmatched. You will always be your own worst critic but everyone else won’t let you fail at Eximo.
I love competing locally in Crossfit competitions, spending time with my smokin’ hot wife, laughing with and at my kids and squishing my Bulldogs faces.
I can say with the utmost confidence that Crossfit saved my life.


Online Qualifiers will take place the week of May 6-10.

If you haven’t already, be sure to congratulate Ty and Onnie for advancing into the next stage of the CrossFit Open! They always give 110%, and their hard work is paying off! We are so proud of you both!


A tradition you don’t want to miss! Come experience camaraderie like never before as our Fit Fam comes together to remember and honor our fallen heroes. The energy is high, the music is loud, the bonds are strong, and it’s the BEST workout of the year! You may partition the reps however you like or even find a partner to split halfsies…we just want YOU to come be part of the tradition. Men can choose to wear a 20-lb vest, ladies a 14-lb vest. Wear your red, white, and blue!


HURRY! The deadline to order your Murph swag is Sunday, May 2! You know there will be a big group pic, and you don’t want FOMO! Click the link to order yours now.


May in a nutshell:

  • May 1 – Scan Saturday, 8:30 – 9:00 AM
  • May 2 – “Murph” tee deadline
  • May 2, 16, 23, 30 – New YOGA series begins, 4:00 PM
  • May 6 – 10 – Ty & Onnie online qualifier
  • May 9 – Mother’s Day – NO YOGA
  • May 13, 20, 27 – New Shoulder Camp, 6:45 PM
  • May 6, 13, 20, 27 – Booty Camp, 6:45 PM
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4:30 – 5:15 PM – Fit Kids
  • May 29 – Murph
  • May 31 – Memorial Day, 9:00 & 10:00 classes ONLY


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